Bluetooth devices have less audio options, bad audio quality win 11

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Several bluetooth headsets use 2 separate drivers/services for either just audio or handsfree calling. Windows 11 has eliminated the options for which one of these drivers you’ll be using. This causes the handsfree calling to always be active, making the bandwidth for sound to be shared with your microphones audio, resulting in low audio quality.

Until Microsoft fixes this the way to fix it is
1: Go to the old sound device manager (can be found at the bottom of the new options)
2: Go to recording and disconnect(not disable) your headphones microphone
3: Go to playback, if your headphones are still connected on this tab go to step 5
4: Wait until your headphones reconnect(Should be automatic, takes about 30 seconds)
5: If your audio still isn’t working disable and reenable the playback device

Well that’s all, your headphones should be working now, however if you turn your headphones/pc/bluetooth off you will have to repeat these steps
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u were a lifesaver emilywew

Oh man Emily thank yoiu so much...This was killing meee @emilywew 

@emilywew  Like many would like to know how do i get to new options cause its very vague

Until MS fixes this mess you can go to Device Manager (right click win start symbol) - right click in audio on hands-free device and deactivate. Maybe restart.
Thank you very much I was about to rage quit after installing windows 11 twice. Your a lifesaver to my devices lol. Microsoft fix this problem now.
Found a better way to do this so far seems to work on re connect.
If you go to system > sound > Down to advanced > All sound devices
Here you should see Input devices and your bluetooth headset, Under Genral it has Audio and choose "Don't allow".

This turns it off for me and stays off.
The problem with this is, when you disable the option the device is still able to be connected to.
It’s only a problem with some headphones though.
This is a much better option!! Thank you
Thanks for this. I found a way to permanently fix it!
Right click the start button, Go to Device Manager, expand Sound, video and game controllers.
Locate your headphones, there will be an entry for "Headphones" and "Headphones Hands-free"
Disable Headphones Hands-Free and reboot.
Hope this helps someone!
I was getting the best sound with windows 10. But today when i installed windows 11. The bluetooth device is giving bad quality in audio. It keeps chopping and have noises.
Read either guide, should fix it

Thank you So Much, I have also found another solution to this, Disabling microphone access in Privacy & Security tab inside Settings does the same thing without needing to look for what device to disable!  @emilywew 

@emilywewnothing helped :( I can't use either of my Bluetooth headphones/earphones T_T I guess I have to go back to Windows 10.

@LinaGord I've had to go back to W10 anyway, as I've got games that don't like me using a gpu that's running with a driver provided for W10, and I've got W11 installed. Windows 11 has just been a major pain in the **bleep** for me.

This is a problem that had been annoying me since upgrading to Windows 11, especially when trying to use a bluetooth headset with MS Teams. The solutions given by emilyewe and others in this thread work for my recently acquired OneOdio headset - I get good audio, and I can use the headset for sound with a separate microphone in Teams with no problem. A win! Thank you.

However, with my older Marshall Major III headset, although I get good stereo audio using the solutions here, as soon as I enter a Teams meeting, the sound cuts out. I haven't found a solution for that yet.
Thank you so much for this.