Bing Wallpaper Culture is Spain

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It appears MS Launcher uses the 'Spain' culture for it's daily wallpaper? Is it possible to switch this to United States?

I discovered this by having my phone and PC both use Bing daily wallpaper, and one day they were different, and this is what I found.



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For me, the Microsoft Launcher Bing wallpaper has historically matched a non-US site. In the past it matched Bing Switzerland, for example.

Today, however, it does not match the Bing wallpaper for any of the countries I have tried. When I use the Launcher settings to choose a Bing wallpaper, the next to the last option matches one of today's non-US Bing sites, but the most recent option (today's Launcher Bing wallpaper) does not.

It would be nice to be able to specify which country's Bing wallpaper to use for the Launcher, just as can be done on the Bing webpage by selecting a region.
I got the tulip today, so guessed Spain from this site

: - )
Interesting. I have "Mediterranean Sea from Cannes, France". That is not today's Bing on any of the countries on the site you linked to. One other person I know has the same wallpaper that I have, meaning it is not unique to my phone or my account.