Audio ceased functioning on Windows 11 machine

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Issue: No audio from speakers


Troubleshooting measures already attempted: All drivers updated. System rebooted. Different speakers tried. 


What happened: Last night my audio output functioned normally. Made no changes to my system but this morning there was no audio output. First audio test of the speakers, no sound at all. I then updated all drivers and rebooted.


I then connected a different set of speakers and tested the audio. I also reconnected the first set of speakers

After the driver update, the audio test emitted delayed sounds through the speakers, skipping part of the audio test. However, outside of the test, there is no audio output at all.

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Switched from wired speakers to a bluetooth speaker and I get correct audio output. That at least steers the problem to wired audio connections. Whether that means there is an issue with the physical interface or how the computer recognizes a wired interface... no idea yet.