Anyone else face similar problems in Windiws 11 insider?

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So I installed the Windows 11 isnider preview yesterday, and I've found a few problems here and there.

Jsyk, I'm running it on a Pentium P6200 with 6GB ram, without a TPM and SecureBoot, and on a Legacy system.

To install the insider preview, I made a Win11 ISO with UUPdump, and replaced the install.esd file in a 
Windows 10 ISO with the install.esd from the Windows 11 ISO; which bypassed the security requirement.

Windows 11 installed just fine, and all my apps are running fine.

But the OS feels a little bit sluggish in general, maybe because of the improved GUI that's more GPU dependant
or maybe because the OS isn't properly optimized yet.

Oh and Windows 10 ran perfectly on my 10y/o hardware.

So when I type in notepad, if I type fast, the letters lag a little bit on the screen; if I use the arrow
keys to navigate explorer, the highlighted files lag a little bit.

Widgets aren't working for me. It's just a blank hazy panel; I've tried the recommended fixes, including
disabling and enabling it again in gpedit and all but it doesn't work.

Windows security shows a blank page, and restarting some services don't do anything.

Whenever I try to start the security service, it says 'Security service started on local machine and then

And the biggest of them all: right clicking on any file or folder crashes explorer.

I've tried sfc /scannow and some other things I found on forums, but I can't fix this.

Apparenty people faced these problems in Windows 10 as well, but I didn't have them, and the problems only 
showed up when I upgraded to Windows 11.

Is this just my PC or are other people having these problems as well?

The OS looks a little bit more aesthetically pleasing; the rounded corners look great overall, and the 
settings menu looks wayyy better.

The transparency effects are a nice touch.

I just hope that Microsoft breaks out of their bad/good/bad/good release cycle and Windows 11 turns out
to be great when it's finally released.

P.S: I realise that this is an Insier Preview and not a final release and I realise that I'm running it on 
hardware that's very much unsupported. I just wanted to say the things that I've noticed using Windows 11 for 
some time now.

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