AMD Ryzen 7 CPU Performance drops to less than 20% when gaming on battery. Its fine when plugged in

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I have HP Omen 2020 which has the following specs

AMD Ryzen 7 4800h (Built-in AMD Radeon GPU 500mb)

Nvidia 1660 Ti (6gb)

16GB 3200mhz RAM

Display 144hz


Games were running fine on win 10 on battery. But since I clean installed win 11, the CPU usage drops to less than 20% when gaming and the game barely runs on 10-15 fps. As soon as I plug the charger while still gaming, the CPU usage jumps to 60% and above and the FPS are back to above 90.


GPU usage is above 95% which makes me believe that GPU is performing fine both on plugged-in and battery. I have verified it using MSI Afterburner stats.


I have set performance profile to battery from System, set all the performance parameters to maximum in Power Plan. Set profile in Nvidia Control Panel as well and everywhere I could find


I have updated to the Win 11 KB5007215 update released yesterday on novermber 9 2021. The issue still persists.

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