About Segoe UI -> Roboto in the latest beta

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First of all I appreciate UI improvements made in Microsoft products. But I misunderstand why the font was changed from Segoe UI to Roboto. Segoe is in the DNA of Microsoft design (Windows, Edge,...) Using the launcher is a way to try something different, to distinguish from Google UI/experience. So I'm not a fan of this UI change, even if this makes the experience more consistent on Android. This is just my opinion but I wanted to share it with the community.
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+1 as i completely agree with this!

@IucapadI couldn't agree more. 

Microsoft, please change the font back to Segoe UI!

@IucapadAbsolutely agree. Microsoft should stand out from the crowd and keep their design language, not follow Google's horrible trends

Agree completely on the point...
Segoe UI looks elegant than the Roboto font. I think the font must be changed back, and atleast there should a toggle between Segoe and Roboto font for the users' choice...

The more I use ML 5.3, the more I hate the small Roboto font with time/weather widget.
The old big Segoe UI from ML 5.2 looked much better/clearer.