About 419 copies of MoUSO Core Worker Processes running in the background.

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Yes I took the time to count.


419(if you don't believe me look how small the at the scroll bar at the right is) MoUSO Core Worker processes running in the background at windows 11. Is this because of a virus?  Some other problems include:

1. The task bar search is not working

2. Snipping tool not working properly(otherwise you would see more pictures here)

3. Delay when using browser like Chrome- doesn't happen with edge (the two main reasons why i prefer chrome is because of the password autofill firstly, and secondly, it doesn't show tabs independently on swiping the touch pad with three fingers)

4. Privacy & Security doesn't load up (wanted to do a Microsoft virus scan)

5. Settings not working properly

Thank you for reading (if you did). Hope to see it fixed soon in the next update! 


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