80% of the .exe file become default program icon

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This happened to my laptop and my desktop.

Version: Windows 11 Home and Pro latest version (Even happened before the latest version)

Below are the method I have done:
- Clean installed more than 3 times (even different USB and download different ISO to make sure not ISO issue)
- sfc /scannow to make sure there is no file corruption
- delete and rebuild IconCache.db
- try 2 different healthy SSD

The only method that works is to rebuild using cmd. BUT after reboot, the problem is here again

taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F  
DEL "%localappdata%\\IconCache.db" /A  
start explorer.exe 

I have tried searched online, it seems like no one having the same issue, but this issue occur happen to me at two different computer.



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