Microsoft Strikes Again

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Microsoft does it again . . .

Find a feature for setting up Outlook Add-Ins to be distributed to certain users in the Admin Center many months ago. A couple months ago finally get around to using said feature (Settings - Add-Ins) and low and behold it doesn't work. Well being the good little tenant I contacted Support to get it fixed. So 2 months of phone calls, remote sessions, log gathering, emails, and 3 different techs and then the last tech says "use Exchange Admin Center to deploy add-ins". No explanation, nothing. I push back saying the feature is in my Admin Center and it needs to be fixed. A few days later the tech writes back and says (paraphrasing his words) "you are GCC and you can't use that feature"!!


Microsoft, would you please please quit putting features in menus in tenants that can't be used by said tenants. There are other features my users can't use, Notes in OWA, Request Files in OneDrive, and I'm sure others that I was going to contact Support about, but there's no point. I'm sure I'd waste a bunch of time only be told that you are GCC again and can't use those features.


Is it really that difficult to program in an IF THEN ELSE statement when building menus???

IF Tenant Is Allowed Feature

THEN Display Menu Choice

ELSE Don't Display


This is a monumental waste of my time, your outsourced Support's time, and causes undue frustration from my users when we see features in the menus presented to us by O365 and yet, can't use because you won't take the extra step and have these features ONLY SHOW UP WHEN THE TENANT CAN USE THEM!

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