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Didn't see anything in the roadmap for when the Microsoft Search new experience would be available in GCC. Also looking to use acronym search when possible. Currently, the MS Search experience in GCC is still old school. On standard tenant, acronym search is available.

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@melkinsco PnP apps work in GCC, since you can deploy them yourself. We are currently experimenting with PnP Modern Search and it has a lot of possibilities. Here is a link -

@Jeremy Wood Thanks Jeremy, we do make extensive use of the PnP parts today. What we don't have access to are things like Acronyms which would be very useful as well. In non-GCC tenants, we are starting to leverage these features from Microsoft Search. They're just not available in GCC. Also, the common look and feel has not yet found it's way to GCC.  The search bar is now on top for Teams and Outlook, but not for SharePoint.  That is still (at least in our tenant) above the left Nav on Team sites and on the top right on Comm sites.

@Mikael Svenson  Inputs from you would be very helpful Sir.

It is October 1st 2021 been almost a year and GCC tenants still does not have " Microsoft search " in SharePoint Online yet.
Could not find any roadmap either.
Looks like it is not communicated properly in public articles.
Still I can see the search bar appear on Left (team site) and Right side (communication)  




My customer's main goal was to disable this search box and not confuse users as they have deployed PNP search. 

Unfortunately the commands only works for Microsoft search. 

Set-PnPSearchSettings -SearchBoxInNavBar Hidden -Scope Site


Would really appreciate if you can suggest some workaround solution.


It's quite bizarre that Microsoft allows PnP search customization and meanwhile still keep the built-in search. And more important, it wouldn't allow disabling the built-in, so businesses under the GCC license all face the two different search boxes on the modernized SharePoint website. Please get some useful updates!


Used this script editor webpart in tenant and added the below code to hide the searchbox.

Add custom CSS to SharePoint Online Modern Pages - Method 1 (



.ms-searchux-searchbox{display: none;}

@Prattay  Thank you! I will definitely try that on :)


Keeping an eye on Microsoft Search in GCC. "Early October" is what is stated for rollout, but we're now mid-month. When we do get the feature, it'll still be lacking functionality such as Acronyms and Locations per the documentation. To make it work for us, we'll need the hub associations. Still heavily reliant on PnP web to provide full-feature search, and also things like embedded search within GIS (URL with parameters).

@Prattay  That solution works as putting the script onto the right spot (at the top banner where the search box is located at)! Thank you!

@Prattay How did your agency vet and approve the Modern Search PnP? Since it is open source, our CISO is not inclined to allow its use since we don't "trust" the source as purely Microsoft produced. Any thoughts would be helpful.

@Prattay  I was happy too early. The built-in search box is located more than the home page. For example, it is on the document library page and it is still visible. Please advise a way to disable once for all if possible. And the document library page doesn't seem to allow for editing.  Thanks.


Our org is in the same boat. I think customization is the only way out here.
Luckily I came across this site which has lots of spfx extensions.
You must have developer skills to customize sharepoint online, if the out of the box is not what you want.
Microsoft SharePoint free supports do not have any SLA for customization. They only deal with out-of-box features. If you have a premier subscription, then you can avail Developer support directly from microsoft. Again I thnk its is high time you hire a tleast 1 developer for Sharepoint online if you are planning to go with customization. Because the out-of-the box features are not that intuitive.

@Jeremy Wood I think pnp community can be trusted even though it is open-source. The only difference is that PNP team does not have any SLA and can take any no of days to address your queries or fix a bug.