Microsoft CityNext: Digital Transformation for Cities and Citizens

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Changing urban landscapes can bring challenges for cities. It is forecasted that by 2050 more than 6 billion people, about 70 percent of the population, will live in urban areas.


Microsoft CityNext is empowering cities to digitally transform and unlock their potential by delivering innovative digital services that can help them lead safer and healthier lives, enriched by high-quality education.


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Ok, I watched the video . . . so what is it? Features? When? What "digital services"? Etc.


Hey Cary, 


I'm not the expert on this, but you can find more info here:


In general, it's a solutions program to help cities bring together their existing IT infrastructure and help prepare them for the future to be more sustainable, efficient, drive innovation, develop interoperability, etc. I believe a city can work with Microsoft directly or through a partner. It's been a program for a couple of years. 

There are some really exciting case studies out there... 


The Smart City future is a bright one!