GCC Teams Missing New File Experience?

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 None of our users see the new rich file experience within Teams, as described in the linked article. It looks like it should have rolled out a few months ago.






Is this because we're GCC? Does anyone in GCC have this already?

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@Garrett Brown 

I can't speak for that feature specifically as I don't have it in our GCC tenant, but in general GCC tenants do not receive new features the same time as commercial/business tenants. Typically we receive them months, even years, later.

@Cary Siemers 

Thanks, I'm getting used to that GCC delay. We just got Private Channels last week.

I'm mostly asking because the roadmap tags specify "Microsoft Teams, All environments, Targeted Release" and we are Targeted Release.


Update: Still no rich file experience, but they seem to be working on it.
I ended up sending a support ticket. I have sent logs and continue to receive:
"I am checking the issue with my senior support team, once it is done I will get back to you at the earliest."

The logs I was instructed to send:
"Probing Questions:
Can you please share us the diagnostics logs for the below,
select teams > general channel > file channel > then press Ctrl+alt+shift+1."