GCC Meetup in Washington DC

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I am looking to host an interactive event to generate conversations around compliance (records/retention), Teams, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and/or adoption programs for GCC customers in the Washington DC area. The first challenge is met, I have a good space that is located close to a metro station. Part two is getting feedback on topics. What would be useful? I am favoring small table conversations on a few key topics/questions and then coming back together to share the answers or observations. 


This event could then turn into the beginnings of a Washington DC Office 365 GCC user group. We just need to figure out who wants to help at the decision and planning level and who is an interested participant.


We have a lot of MVPs, some very active companies, and some solid Microsoft contacts that we can leverage as speakers once we decide some topics that are meaningful and are real challenges.


Share your thoughts and lets see if we can get this launched!

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@Jeremy Wood I'm only consultant in GCC, but I would love to talk to other GCC folks.


You could also consider reaching out to existing UGs that deal with the Fed space (e.g FedSPUG https://www.meetup.com/fedspug-wspdc/) and see if they could help promote/host this.



Tip: You might consider scheduling a meetup at or near the Ignite Tour DC stop on Feb 6 or 7th.
Jeremy - keep me posted. I'd be more than happy to help drive attendance and content for this!

@Jeremy Wood and @JamieWillisRose -- would love to have you guys at our upcoming Modern Workplace focused networking event we have coming up in early February.  


WMATA is confirmed to speak about how they're doing governance in O365 as one case study - looking forward to that second spot filling up soon.