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I am working with a client in a GCC tenant.  They are looking at available training and adoption resources and they were wondering if there was some kind of chart that compares feature availability.  They found some tables that list features at a high level but not at a detailed level.  The example that comes to mind is that as of  last week, you can't add a OneNote Notebook to a Tab in MS Teams in a GCC Tenant.

So if their users were looking a training video that shows how to add OneNote as a Tab on a MS Teams channel they would get frustrated when they found it was not available.   


It looks like this group does have announcements of features as they are added to GCC Tenants.  Can you recommend other good resources?  Thanks - Greg

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@Gregory Frick 

We are a GCC tenant and I have yet to find training documentation just for GCC features. Basically I've had to build my own for our users since Microsoft doesn't have training information for GCC tenants by themselves. I can only imagine GCC tenants are a small percentage of the O365 tenants so we likely never will.

I've also repeated many times to my users that we are GCC and our feature set will always be behind the feature set for business tenants.

How are you delivering that information? I have experimented with a few ways but as it is just a list of negatives it is hard to get users to want to check-in with it. @Cary Siemers 

I recommend following Rima Reyes on Twitter (@RimaZima) as she is the Teams Government Lead. @Gregory Frick 

@Jeremy Wood 

Monthly IT Newsletter.

Presentations at All-Staff meetings.

Being invited to team meetings.

Documents in IT SharePoint site.

@Gregory Frick A few good government links:

M365 Roadmap (w/ GCC filters) [link]


Service Descriptions:

Product US Gov GCC Service Descriptions
Office 365 Government Platform Platform (GCC)
Outlook Mobile Outlook Mobile (GCC)
PowerApps PowerApps (GCC)
Flow Flow (GCC)
Teams Teams (GCC)
Compliance Compliance (GCC)
Enterprise Mobility + Security EMS (GCC)