Using Teams & Flow in the Government Cloud: Tracking End-User Video Training

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In this article I thought I'd tackle the following idea: I have a series of training videos for my end users, and I want to track whether or not they've viewed the videos, perhaps as a way to assess completion so I can make them a nice "Congratulations!" certificate. :) In this scenario, I'm trusting my users to tell the me truth (why wouldn't they?) and I don't need to integrate with any learning management systems. Just something simple.


Also, I'd like for the data regarding submissions to be viewed in Teams by the staff responsible for managing the content. Let's take a look at one way to put this together quickly with SharePoint, Flow and Teams:


I've already got my video content ready - a video in Stream that shows how to create a Search Folder in Outlook:





Now I'll create a new Page in my Office365 Groups SharePoint site, and use the built-in Stream webpart to embed the video into the page:


0 (1).png



Below the video on that same Page, I'll add another webpart - a Microsoft Forms webpart that allows the user to Rate the video, and also effectively confirm that they've viewed it:


0 (2).png



Now I'll go over to Flow to create a workflow that takes the Forms responses and sends them to an Excel spreadsheet. The first part of my Flow takes care of collecting the responses received by the Form into a dataset that I can use later in the Flow:


0 (3).png



And in the next part of the Flow, I'll take those responses and add them as new rows in an Excel spreadsheet I have stored in one of my team sites in Office 365:


0 (4).png



That's it! I save my Flow, and then I start watching as my users responses start pouring in...


0 (5).png



Meanwhile in Teams, the staff responsible for managing the content can see the results as they come in using the convenient Tab in their Team linked to the spreadsheet


0 (6).png



And look! They're already starting to have conversations with each other about the results...


0 (7).png



So, in just a short amount of time, I've put a system together for collecting end user responses from a SharePoint page, and showing the results in Teams. Now I just need to get a buddy to put a nice PowerBI bar chart together of the Ratings so I can display that in Teams as well! :) Maybe in the next post. Until then, hope this helps - enjoy!


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