Identity Protection Refresh in Microsoft Azure Government

Published Mar 13 2020 07:00 AM 2,880 Views

Hi folks, 


We’re excited to share that we have now rolled out the refreshed Azure AD Identity Protection experience in the Microsoft Azure Government portal.   





Azure AD Identity Protection enables you to monitor your users identity risk with advanced insights and leverage risk-based Conditional Access policies to automate risk management. 


Below are a few key aspects in this update:  


  • Intuitive UX – More user-friendly interface with the new bulk actions and consolidated Security menu blade  
  • New detections—Several new detections in Azure AD Identity Protection are available with this release  
  • Powerful APIs—Information accessible to you via the UI is also programmatically accessible via powerful Microsoft Graph APIs  

To learn more about Identity Protection refresh, go here. If you have any questions, or comments, we’d love to hear your feedback! 


-Azure AD Identity Protection Team  

New Contributor

Hi @Eliza Kuzmenko will Azure AD identity protection policies apply to unlicensed users or users with Azure AD premium license?


@humanejard : Please refer to to understand how Identity Protection policies apply to unlicensed users vis-a-vis the Azure AD premium license types.

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Will we be able to move the AIP policies in Azure AIP into this new compliance center in M365 GCC High? Commercial has the ability to import these policies, but hopefully GCC High will also get that feature.





New Contributor

Is there a migration path for moving AIP protected documents in a Commercial tenant to GCC High?


Edit: Whoops, conflating AIP and AADIP. Disregard.


@James Lucier & @rheidorn : I want to carefully separate AIP = Azure Information Protection from the announcement here on AADIP = Azure AD Identity Protection. The product announcement here was scoped for Azure AD Identity Protection only. AIP is a different product/service in the Enterprise Mobility and Security suite.

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@vinayakdshenoy Ha, thank you. Deleting my comment.

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