Zoom view of MS Project on teams

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We are just starting to use MS Teams with Project. I have inputted an entire project but can not see the whole gantt chart as the zoom max out on months not years, the project is over 2 years so how can I view the entire project?Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 16.23.35.png

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Michael --

You have just run into one more limitation of the new Project for the Web application. In the Timeline view, you are limited to zooming out to the Monthly level of detail and no further. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thanks, always good to know so I don't keep banging my head on the wall. Maybe something for the developers to work on. Do they read these messages? 

Michael --

No, I do not believe that the Project for the Web development team reads the messages in this user forum. I can understand your frustration, however. Hope this helps.