Work Template and Resource Calendar time off & non-work changes are not reflecting on project tasks

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I have a few projects in Project for the web (P4W) that are not functioning as I understand the Work Template and Resource Calendar features to work currently. I am also having a hard time finding much definitive information on how these features function. Thanks in advance for the assistance and more details are below.


When I have a project that is using my custom Work Template and I have tasks created but no assigned resource to them. Then I make an adjustment to the Work Template resource calendar to say schedule an entire day off as non-working time. The resource calendar already has working time setup 8am to noon, noon to 1pm break, and 1pm to 5pm working time. All time zones are the same everywhere I can find that setting. The task doesn't seem to acknowledge the time off in the scheduling engine. The odd part is I had other non-working or holidays in there it did work on, it just seems like new items I add are not being incorporated into the task scheduling. I even created a new project and tasks just to see if the issue followed a new project and it did. Any idea why this may be? Am I doing something wrong?


The same is true when I update a resource calendar and the option to use resource calendars is checked (so it is overriding the work template calendar used on the project). For example I scheduled someone with 3 days off one week. Then later we remove those days off because they wanted them to happen the week after instead. The task items assigned to that resource are not re-calculated to say they are working those days now and the other days don't show as non-working days. I have given this change well over 12 hours to hopefully make it to the schedule but it just hasn't yet. Does it take more time? am I doing something wrong?

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I am facing with same issues with you for Resource Calendar Time. It seems the system does not re-calculate for end-date.
Waiting a good solution from Microsoft.
Thank you daibt, appreciate your response.