Why would OData return that a list does not exist?

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Hi, I have a list in the Sharepoint root called Employee Directory1. I build the Odata query according to the documentation but got this message.  I am starting to think that I need to enable Odata REST calls in SharePoint Admin, but I don't know where. I use Odata before in other sites and never had this issue. Did I miss anything?




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Hello @Jose Zaldivar 


This is a SharePoint query so it might be best to post in the SharePoint community rather than Project but I will try to help here.

Is Employee Directory1 the correct list Title? If you use the following query do you see "Employee Directory1" listed: {SharePoint site URL}/_api/web/lists?$Select=Title



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@Paul Mather thanks. I later found out that the customer changed the list title. I had to go back Site Content and look at the original name by inspecting the URL link of the list. The function .getbytitle() requires the original name of the list and not what the customer decided to change it later. 


But this OData query would have helped as well and I intend to use it next time.


Thanks so much.

{SharePoint site URL}/_api/web/lists?$Select=Title