Why might my resource be over allocated

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I'm just going through the schedule to level my resources, and one is showing as overallocated on one week, when he isn't. and under allocated where he isn't.


I've checked to see if he had a personal calendar applied, but no

And nothing in the project calendar either


Any suggestions as to what is going on?




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dc_27 --

The Work values for the resource for that week add up to 12.71. The resource IS overallocated, probably due to being assigned to parallel tasks during that week. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale
But 12.71h for the week isn't overallocated? And 59.54h definitely is (but isn't showing as so)
And that's all the activities for the individual in the project
What is that resource's max unit value? What is the basis for overallocation set to in your leveling options (e.g. minute by minute, hour by hour, etc.)? Is there a task calendar set for any of the task assignments for that resource?


Hi @John-project 


  • Max Unit Value is 31.6hr per week
  • I'm manually levelling rather than using levelling functionality , but in case... Levelling is Day by Day (Manual) - i have also tried clearing levelling suing that function
  • No task calendars



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Max unit value isn't in hours per week, it is expressed as a percent or a decimal (i.e. 100%) for each resource on the Resource Sheet. Perhaps mean that resource max unit value is 31.6/40= 0.79 (i.e. 79%)?

Change the Bottom Tier on the timescale to Days. Then look at the hours per day for that particular resource. You'll likely find a day when the resource is over the maximum.



Aha - and there it is




Two things though


First - not sure why it's not highlighted as overallocated when it's 50+ hrs in the week





Secondly - on the Max Units.  I think it should always be hours. % is just based on something else.  If it's 95% (rather than 79 as you rightly point out) it could actually be lower than 31.6 hours.  Ie if the Calendar Option for the project is 30 hours per week


Is the % based on the Calendar Options for the project ? Just checking i'm understanding that correctly too - Primavera P6 background :)



Glad you found it. One of the best ways to find those pesky little overallocations is to display Work and Work Availability in the details of the Resource Usage view. That gives a direct comparison regardless of the timescale.

I can't answer your first question about the 51+ as not showing overallocated. It seems like it should but I'd have to look at your file.

For your second item, yes the percentage is based on something, namely the resource's available hours so it is proportional. If max units is in hours then it is a fixed value and can't vary in proportion to the resource's available hours (e.g. resource exceptions).

On your last comment I'm not sure what "Calendar Options" you are referring to.