Why Does Gantt Chart Change When Adjusting Timeline View

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I'm using the Gantt with Timeline view in Project and first, I don't know why when I change the timeline date range, it also changes the gantt chart view, which I don't want it to do.  I set the timeline date range to be the start and finish date option, this then affected my Gantt view by displaying days as the units for the bottom tier instead of weeks that I had set previously.   Then when I go and try to change the bottom tier timescale units from days back to weeks, I get this error, which doesn't make sense to me why its saying "the upper tier has less time per tick", when the upper tier is set to Months.  Help please.



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JBLT83 --

How are you changing the Timeline date range? Please give your steps, and a screenshot would help. I cannot duplicate the behavior you are seeing. Let us know and we will try to help you.
Same as Dale, I cannot duplicate what you are describing. I have the Gantt Chart timescale set for months (middle tier) and weeks (bottom tier). I can set the Date Range of the Timeline view to a very short (one week) to a very long (year) range and there is no impact to the Gantt Chart timescale.

@John-project  Well ironically when someone finally replies, project is not giving me the issue it was before where when I adjusted the timeline scale, it adjusted the Gantt timescale as well and when I tried to set the Gantt back to Middle Tier: Months and Bottom Tier: Weeks.   Project was giving me that error, message shown in the screenshot.  

So are you saying all is good now?