Why does each task take up an entire day, even if it's work-driven with an amount of work set at 1h?

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I'm new to this. My tasks are auto-scheduled, and the ones in questions are work-driven, each with an amount of work set at one hour. I have my scheduling set to enter duration in hours, but they are all displayed in days. The two tasks in question have a FS relationship. The first task takes up an entire day, forcing the 2nd to be on the next day, even thought they could go one after the other on the same day since they are each only one hour of work. Is there some way to change this behavior?



I would have attached my project file, but this forum will not allow the file type, even though this is a forum for Project, run by the people who make the software, and they should know that people would want to exchange and share files of this type.


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The default Duration value for every task is 1 day.  If you need the Duration to be 1 hour, you must manually enter 1h in the Duration column that the task in question.  If you want to enter Duration values in hours, you can click File > Options > Schedule.  About halfway down the Schedule page, change the value to Hours in the Duration is Entered In field, and then click the OK button.


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Have you assigned resources to the task? If you assign a single resource at 100% and the work is set to 1h then the duration will shrink from the standard 1d? to 1h. If this doesn't happen check that the work hasn't expanded to 1d and if it has reset to your desired effort. This is logical behaviour as with no resource assigned there can be no work (at least in project's view of the world)


I'm not quite sure what you mean by "work-driven" but if you set it up properly your example should look like this


Note that in Project duration and work are two separate metrics. Duration is the time span during which a task is performed and work is the effort one or more resources will use to accomplish that task.