Why aren't some Tasks displaying Custom Field Graphical Indicators


I created 2 custom fields called Cost KPI and Schedule KPI that use the value of the SPI and CPI fields to display graphical indicator colors depending on the value of the SPI or CPI fields.   For some reason though I have some tasks that for some reason are not displaying a graphical indicator as shown in the below screenshot and I can't figure out why. What is causing this and how do I fix it?  Any ideas?




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Try this, switch your custom field "data to display" from graphical indicators to "data". You may find the "data" shows #ERROR. If so, resolve that problem. However, if the data seems correct, what is the formula in your custom field?


@John-project The formula is simple.  For cost KPI formula = CPI.   For Schedule KPI, formula = SPI.   When I changed the display from graphical indicator to data.  There was no error.  The CPI value displayed.

I notice the custom field for your Schedule KPI shows indicators for all task lines but the custom field for Cost KPI is missing indicators for a summary line and a task line. What are the custom fields for each (e.g. TextX, NumberX, etc.)?

Try changing to a different custom field for the Cost KPI. Is the indicator still missing from those lines?


@John-project I'm using the Number2 for Cost KPI and Number3 for Schedule KPI.   I deleted the cost kpi custom field and was going to try and use the Number4 field, but now I'm getting an error when I try to rename the custom field to "Cost KPI" saying that the field name already exists.  Not sure how it can since I deleted it.

How exactly did you "delete" it? If you only cleared the custom field name locally it may still exist in your Global and that may be why it's flagged. Go to your Organizer and make sure the custom field "Cost KPI" no longer exists locally or globally.

If it's gone in both places and it still claims the name already exists, try closing and exiting Project. Then open the file and try using a different field. If you still see the "already exists" message, you may have some file corruption. Try saving to XML, close and then re-open the XML file in Project.


@John-project  I managed to get the graphical indicator field displaying on the project summary row by changing the options in the indicator criteria for.... to Project Summary. However, I tried doing the same thing by selecting to apply the options for Summary rows and non-summary rows, but I still have one non-summary task and a summary task not displaying a cost kpi graphical indicator. It's mind boggling.

Screenshot 2022-07-12 190159.jpg



Did you switch to a different field? Did you try XML?

@John-project Yes I tried a different field and made no difference.  Not sure what you mean about trying XML.   Maybe I’ll try Microsoft 365 support technician after all part of me paying an annual subscription is also for support.

Sometimes a Project file will get corrupted, it might be massive corruption (e.g. can't even open the file), or it might be minor corruption (e.g. a particular view doesn't display correctly). For a corrupt file that can at least be opened the normal "go to" method for clearing that corruption is to save the Project file as XML format. Then use Project to open the saved XML file. Most of the time that process will clear corruption but not always. The downside of that process is that you lose any custom formatting in the file.

You can try a support tech but quite honestly, I think you'll be disappointed.

If you want to send me your file, I'd be happy to take a look.
Hello John.

The result of EV/AC=CPI, of the tasks without graphic indicator is 0.999, and this value does not belong to any of the criteria of the costKPI custom field.


@Ignacio_40  so I need to modify my criteria range to be 0.00-0.999.   It seemed project was only generating cpi and spi values to 2 decimal places.   I will update the is within range criteria and see if that resolves it.

@Ignacio_40 Where are you seeing the CPI as a value of 0.999. As you can see in the screenshot below, the CPI value is 1 not 0.999.



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Actually I changed my test criteria to be as shown below and now all of the rows are reflecting a graphical indicator. So it was something related to how my test criteria were defined.







JBLT83 --

Pardon me for bumping into this thread. It I had been setting up the custom fields in question, I would have written the graphical indicator criteria as follows:

Is less than 0
Is less than 1
Is greater than or equal to 1

I think the preceding criteria would have also solved your problem. Just a thought. Hope this helps.