When importing CSV data POL does not pick up data for a field which is a drop down list

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I am trying to import data to POL through a CSV file. One of the fields I want to import is HW_SW. In POL this is a drop down list which contains the value 'HW', 'SW', 'HW/SW' and a few others. When I try to import it using the wizard I can see that it selects the correct MicroSoft Project Field, and in the preview I can see the data correctly. 


However when I check the data in POL the column remains empty.


What could be the cause of this and how can it be fixed?


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There is no "drop down" in the text file so you must have set up the Project field as a drop down. I suspect when you created the custom field in Project as a lookup table, you did not check the option to "allow additional items to be entered into the field".

Set that option and see if it works now.