What products do I need to add team members in Project Online?

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Hi I am new using Project Online and I am  looking to buy a licence of Microsoft Project in cloud but even I have read that this tool allow that members team update task or progress I have not found any note about what product or licence need my team to have use this functionallity




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Rocio --

Each of your team members will need a Project Essentials license. After obtaining their licenses, you (or your application administrator) will need to add them as resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool and add them to the Team Members security group in Project Web App. Once done, you will need to add those team members to your project team, and then you will need to assign them to tasks. After doing this, you will need to publish your project. Your application administrator can configure Project Online so that your team members will report their progress on either the Tasks page in PWA or the Timesheet page in PWA.

Hope this helps.