What permissions does a collaborator have in Project on other collaborators' tasks?

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Good morning,
I need clarification regarding collaboration and co-creation in Project Web if I take plan 1 as a subscription for the team of collaborators.
Here's how I'd like it to behave.
1 - I create a project, the tasks, the details of these and I assign the tasks to the collaborators of my team. Note that I have a plan 5 for me.
2 - Collaborators, with plan 1, receive an email notification of the assignment.
3 - Collaborators, with plan 1, update their tasks and the details assigned to them. They do not have the rights to modify tasks that are not assigned to them.

Can you confirm to me that collaborators will not be able to modify tasks that are not assigned to them?

If you need more clarification, I am available.
Thank you and good day!

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Annie --

Collaborators (aka project team members) who have a Project Plan 1 license can only edit THEIR OWN assigned tasks. They do not have permission to edit the tasks of anyone else. Hope this helps.
Ok thank you! This is exactly what I'm looking for in application behavior.