What is the future of Project Online vs Project for the Web?

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I am facilitating my company's transition to Project but am confused about all the options. There are hints that Microsoft is highly encouraging that Project Online users develop a transition plan to Project for the Web, but there are other hints that innovations for Project for the Web are slowing down. Can anyone help me understand what the better choice is for the long term? I understand the functionality differences, like limitations on dependencies and resources in P4W. I am more curious about selecting a platform that will continue to be innovated by Microsoft. We do not need the sophisticated scheduling functionality of Project Professional (although it will be missed). Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Sioux_Nation ,

If you are looking for the platform that is getting investment from Microsoft for Project Management, that will be Project for the web, not Project Online.


@Paul Mather That is the info I'm looking for. TY!