We couldnt find a task with that name", but task already exists?

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I am composing a schedule on MS Project Online. In the "depends on" column, it does not let me add additional tasks to a task row. it only let me adds up to 7 tasks as a dependency to a row. It will not let me add anymore and it reads "We couldn't find a task with that name", but I have been assigning them and it exists? Is there a limit of tasks I can assign?

I have attached a screenshot for clarification. Please let me know what I am doing wrong! Thank you.



Dependancies Error.png

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@Isa_ani Did you get a fix for this, I have the same problem. The previous task found the item OK, but now it says it can't find it!

Same issue experienced, cannot find a task searching in Depends On column (or same in task Properties) by either task number, or task name/description. All other tasks can be added as Depends On (perhaps apart of few headers) - nothing unusual about this task, and no circular dependency involved, the task is floating. Can anyone advise? Thanks!