We couldn’t open your project

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Trying to open a project that I had created in the online MS Project tool.  I get the error message noted in the subject of this post.  Wondering if the Active Directory outage from last week has some lingering impact.  How do I go about getting this resolved?


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Hi @rhahm ,

We would need to know more about your context. Do you have Project Server or Project Online? Do you have any error message in the PWA queue? Did you try to clean MS Project Local cache and try again? Do you manage to open the project with PWA?

@Guillaume Rouyre This is Project Online only.  I have only been using the online web app for Project.

Does anyone from Microsoft monitor this community. I getting nowhere with my VAR.


Do you have MS Project anyway so you can try to open the project through the desktop client?

Do you have any error message in the queue? Do you have any approvals pending (time, task, workflow)?