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I have a customer who is transitioning from a SharePoint list (for tracking projects) to Project Online.  After using the SharePoint list for some time, they rely on the built-in version settings to be able to track back to see changes (what fields, by who, and when) throughout the project intake and execution process.  In Project Online, these fields will be converted to Enterprise Custom Fields and I can't seem to find an answer as to whether these are versioned anywhere.  If they are, can the versions be reported on?  They don't necessarily need to be able to revert back to a previous version, but would like to have an audit control to see who made what changes throughout the process.  Is this possible in Project Online?


I do know that we could potentially use a SharePoint list for the project intake process (and utilize versioning), but they would like to be able to track changes throughout the entire lifecycle.


Thank you!

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Hi Micheal,

Unfortunately, Project Online currently doesn't provide the same functionality as SharePoint lists.

There is no versioning for the moment. There exist various products by Project partners and also apps in the Office Store that provide this kind of functionality.

As one solution you can start to setup a workflow that stores values at certain points in time in a SharePoint list.

Prasanna Adavi has a good blog article on that one:

Kind regards


Thanks, Trutz!  I will review the blog post and explore what options we have through workflow.  Do you happen to know any of the partner solutions and/or add-ons that may address the versioning functionality?  I haven't had any luck through multiple searches.

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Here a short list of options amongst others:

- PS+ Reporting App

- CS Status Reporting

- Project Online Data Mart

Basically what all of this apps do: They take a snapshot of data as it is at a certain point in time. They won't track each and every change you apply to a project.


If you reside on-premises there exists a full-blown audit solution:


Thank you, Trutz!  I will follow-up with these add-ons/solutions to determine if any meet requirements.

Tivitie, ShareAdvance and others also have solutions as well. It really depends on the need. You can also build your own with Azure if you really need something custom.


Treb Gatte, Project MVP,

@Michael Shea You may want to use FluentPro G. A. Suite for this purpose.
This is the only backup/restore solution for Project Online which can create full backup of project sites, content, custom fields and other configuration, project schedules, associated resources etc.