Using the Task Form View during MS Teams calls

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I'm trying to use MS Project during standup meetings.  I have a combination view with the task list sorted by resource name in the top and I want the Task Form View showing the task Notes in the bottom pane.  I can enlarge the font of the task list so people online can see their tasks but I can't see how to enlarge the text in the Notes pane (short of selecting all of the text in the Notes field and setting a larger font every time I move to the next task).  How can I set the default magnification on the Notes pane?

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Hello @schaeffda ,

Unfortunately I think that is your only option in MS Project - select the text and change the font size in the Task Information > Notes tab.


Is there an entirely different approach to achieve what I'm after that I've not considered? It seems to me that tracking updates on tasks during meetings is a pretty core use case for the product.