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I am trying to create a status report for each project in our portfolio and am having a tough time determining the best way of doing it. I want to be able to show the following information and/or give PMs the ability to enter text information that will also show up on the report:

Project Name
Project Sponsor
Reporting Period (ex. October 2021)
Project Manager (Owner)
Project Start

RAG Status (either created automatically or manually entered)
Project Milestones (Milestone, Status, Baseline Completion Date, Expected Completion Date, Issues Exist? Y/N) - This could be entered manually if needed. Having a tough time displaying this information
List of Accomplishments for the period
List of items that were planned but not accomplished
List of Planned actions for the next period
Summary of Issues (Priority, Issue Description, Impact Summary, Action Steps (Mitigation and Contingencies)
Summary of Risks (Priority, Probability of Occurrence, Risk Description, Impact Summary, Response Strategy)

Some ideas I was having about creating this report are as followed:

Create a Project Detail Page that would show this information via webparts, but that doesn't seem to show project specific information
Leverage Power BI to create the report and then show it in PWA somehow (only beginning to use Power BI)
Create a bunch of custom fields, have the PM's fill everything out and then present it all together via webpart (can't figure out how to show the milsetones in a tabular format).

Any suggestions or links to videos that show step by step how to create a status report per project would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello @John Passaro ,

There is quite a bit to cover here in a forum post. The majority of these requirements would be achievable using Project level Enterprise custom fields surfaced on the PDPs using the PWA Basic Info web part. The Milestone stone data would come from the project schedule and the Issues and Risks data would come from the SharePoint lists on the Project Sites. Assuming you were using the default Issues and Risks lists and default fields on those lists, all of this data can easily be reported on using the ProjectData reporting API ({pwaSiteUrl}/_api/ProjectData. Take a look at this getting started series I wrote a few years back - it should help you with all of these queries: 

Many thanks


Thank you for the information, Paul. What I am trying to do is show all of this information in a PDP, so when a person goes to the Project Details Page, they can select this new PDP (Monthly Status Reports) and it will show all pertinent information. So far, I used the Timeline Webpart to show milestones, used the Basic Info webpart to show specific information about the project, created a few Custom fields to type in what was accomplished on the project for the period, and added the Issues and Risks webparts as well. For the Timeline, webpart, I was able to edit the webpart for the specific Project so it showed that projects milestones, however, it doesn't work the same with the Issues and Risks. I am unable to see the Issues or Risks for a specific project. Do you know how I can get them to appear? Thank you.

Hello @John Passaro ,

That is not possible out of the box to see issues and risks for that project on a PDP. Here are some examples how to achieve this - these are old blog posts I wrote so might need tweaking if it no longer works: