Using MS Project Online: linking to SharePoint/Planner

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Hey MS Project community, 


First time poster.  I have a question concerning integrating MS Project into the suite of PM tools used through Sharepoint.  A little background on the issue(s) I'm facing: 


-I developed my Project tasklist (i.e. activities associated with my project) through the MS Project application (non through the web).  

-After I finished inputing basic project data, I uploaded the project to the Project online (through a PWA). I am able to edit the project both through the online version and desktop version (and all edits made in either version are reflected in the other.  

-One of the reasons my company invested in Project was due to the ability to connect it with Microsoft Planner and use our SharePoint teams/groups to help populate project "resources".  


However, here is where I'm having problems: 

1)When I use the desktop version of Project and go to link a task/activity with a specific to-do list in MS Planner, I get a message that says "Cannot create a link".  When I use the link to MS Planner option in the desktop version of Project, I am able to see the Planner Group and sub-plans: I just cannot create a link  

2) When on the web-based version, I cannot assign resources, deliverables, or attribute risks to my projects.  When I attempt to do so, I can a message that "This project is not linked to a site".   


  All the "how to" videos I've sen online (Youtube, Lynda, MasterAcademy) all agree that the Planner needs to be published through the web-app.  And then, in order to assign deliverables, there needs to be a "project site".  I'm not clear on how to address these two problems (from my understanding, it seems link creating a project site and linking Planner with Project online can be done through the same fix and should solve my problem). Do you all think this is the right approach?  Is there another approach?  


Thanks ahead of time for the suggestions and advise!  



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Hi Andrew,


For the risks and issues etc. you will need a project site. Project Sites are controlled / set based on the Enterprise Project Type (EPT). With a PWA admin account access the PWA Settings > Enterprise Project Types, access the EPT/s, scroll down to Site Creation and  check the option set. If you want all projects for all EPTs to all have projects sites, ensure "Automatically create a site on next publish" is set for each EPT. Next time those projects are published a project site will be created or to create project site manually as a PWA Admin user access PWA Settings > Connected SharePoint Sites, select the project then click the Create Site button. Once a project has a project site, you will be able to create risks, deliverables etc. for that project.


The linking to planner issue is not one I have seen before, I've seen it where it wont find Planner plans / Groups but in your case you can see the those but once you have selected the planner plan then click the Create Link button you get the error "Cannot create a link"? Do you get this for all projects in Project Online?


Hey Paul

Thank you for the reply, and the helpful information about risks,issues, and deliverables. That’s really helpful.

For the question about linking, yes, I get it with all the Enterprise sites I create in Project desktop and then publish on the PWA. I have created a task list in Planner (I haven’t populated it), and I can see the Team and then the Task List I’ve created, but cannot link any of my tasks to Planner.


Hi Andrew,

I've not seen that issue before, probably worth open a support ticket for Project via your Office 365 portal.


@Paul Mather @Andrew_Gaydos


I am facing a similar issue where I can create a link and do not have any error, but cannot see my tasks Planner. I have Project Online. I submitted a ticket through the portal and now waiting on answers. Were you able to resolve your issue?


@Swetha_Singari Hello, what tasks are you expecting to see in Planner? You wont see the tasks from the linked Project in Planner but you should see tasks in Planner that you have created via the Planner UI.


I tried to do this, but i could not. If i want to link PWA with Planner, is that possible? To see all the task i´ve have to complete and put the check over there. Can you Help me Please?