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I am creating a program schedule that consists of a Consolidated Microsoft Project schedule (an Integrated Master Schedule and 3 sub-project schedules).  We are using Project Professional 2019.  My team wants to maintain these files on SharePoint.  I have heard that updating schedules within the SharePoint environment can be problematic.  However, I don’t know any specifics.  


I would be interested if anyone has any insights on working with Consolidated schedules in SharePoint.  At this point, I am discouraging my team from pursuing this path and recommending they conduct their file management and updating in the network environment.  However, I would like to have more information as to why or, if I have been misled, a confirmation that it is viable to work in SharePoint.


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Nick -- The master project feature in Microsoft Project does not work if the master project and the subprojects are saved in SharePoint. You will need to save your master project and all of its subprojects in a network drive to which all of your PMs have Read/Write access. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


Thanks Dale.  Would it be possible for team members to view the files in SharePoint.  Perhaps saving the files as Read-only in SharePoint and then instructing anyone who wants to see the schedules that they must download as a SET to view?

Nick -- You could save Read-Only COPIES of each project in the SharePoint site, but (and this is a big BUT), each of your team members would either need their own licensed copy of Microsoft Project, or they would need a licensed copy of a Microsoft Project viewer. There are a number of project viewers available for purchase, such as the one from Steelray, but there are no free project viewers (at least none that I am aware of). Hope this helps.
Thanks for the clarification Dale.