Use project data in Project SharePoint Site Lists

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Hi,  I'm building a site template for use with Project Online.  


I would like to set up a list of meetings based on a custom content type "Change Meeting" with the following columns:


1. Meeting Type (Choice: Board, Steering, Working Group)

2. Meeting Date (Date)

3. Project Name (Prefilled from the associated project's data)


I would then pull OData across all the project sites to create portfolio governance reports.


1 and 2 are straight forward but I cannot figure out how to access the project name (or any other project field).


I've only limited experience with SharePoint and would appreciate your suggestions.






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Hello @Jamsie ,

There is no out of the box option for point 3, you might be able to use the BCS in SharePoint Online to build a solution that queries the Project Online APIs to get the Project Names: 


@Paul Mather 


Thanks for the advice.  This is a new are for so I'll study the docs. I guess my other option is to infer the name on the reporting side using some manual tie up.




Hello @Jamsie ,

If that is the reason to do it for reporting, then yes, you can grab the Project GUID from the SharePoint web property bag and use that GUID to join the data to the Project data and get the Project Name that way in your reports.