Use of Project for the web Power Platform Solutions on non default Power Platform environment

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Hi @Microsoft Project Team 

Using Project for the web as part of a Power Platform Business Application (using Project for the web accelerator, or any other solution), operates differently in the default Power Platform Environment than it does in any other environment. 

Deploying project for the web on a non-default environment does not provide access to the same features supported in an instance deployed on a default environment.

There are things that you can do with Project for the web in the Default Environment that you cannot do in any other environment.

I am looking for a clarification from MS Project Team about this unexpected behaviour of project for the web in named environnement. Is there any update on the product roadmap to get parity of user experience in default and non-default Power Platform environments ?

Can anyone from Microsoft provide some guidance on this?

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MS Claim they will be bringing the standard of named environments to the same level as the default. to be honest, my users prefer using the named environment project for the web as I have been able to customise it for them by deploying a custom solution for each environment.
Hi Domlit,
Could you point me to the documentation that mentions that MS will bring the standard of named environments to the same level as the default ?
Hi, there is no documentation as far as I am aware on the topic. They mentioned it in a comment on the AMA post - but haven't seen any official announcements about it yet.