Updating Baseline Finish Dates in MS Project



   I have created a schedule and created the 1st baseline ("Baseline Finish" column) based on an overall program plan.  The task tracking has begun and Finish column now shows the forecasted finish date. 


Now I've been told that a  lot of dates in the original program plan were incorrect and have been given a new set of "corrected initial baseline dates". Therefore I need to update the Baseline Finish column. 

How do I do that ? 

Even if I clear the existing baseline and set a new baseline the dates in Finish column would become the new baseline. 

   So how do I modify / edit dates in Baseline Finish Col ? 

For Eg. 

    In the attached image, Corrected Baseline Date is a text col, whose dates need to come in Baseline Finish Column. How do I change the dates in baseline finish ? 


Any thoughts ? 




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The simple answer is, manually update the Baseline Finish field. Baseline fields are static, that is, they are fields Project uses to transfer (copy) dynamic field data for a snapshot of a plan's original metrics. Since they are static fields, they are directly editable by the user.

However, even though I answered your question, I can't help but wonder who told you a "lot of dates" were incorrect and what is the basis for the "new" dates. Are they saying all the start dates are okay? That doesn't make sense. And if baseline finish dates need to be altered, what about baseline duration, or baseline cost?

If the original plan was indeed questionable but work has already started, I think the best plan of action is to set a new baseline, perhaps using the Baseline1 fields from this point on. If you try to tweak the original baseline (i.e. manual entry in Baseline Finish field), from my viewpoint the "corrected" baseline will be corrupt (i.e. not valid for anything).

Thanks John,
The "wrong baseline dates" were based on the dates from an upstream vendor. They provided the "corrected dates", which we need to align our plan to. It has been discussed & agreed that it is not the new baseline date as the final release is still intact. But yes, the manual edit of baseline date would work. thanks. I somehow assumed that since these are "baseline" dates, the Baseline Finish column could not be edited.


You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.