Unique identifier for tasks in Project on the Web

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Hi, my team and I have heavily been using Microsoft Project on the web (via Teams and web).


One question that does come up, how can we find unique IDs for each task? This would be highly effective for many users, as without a unique identifier, we cannot reference previously done tasks and history.


Is there any plans for this? Otherwise this would severely limit our use for project on the web at this time.

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If you are looking for something in a report you can pull the ID for the item in the table, but its not a friendly or sequential name. I would also like something the equivalent of an activity ID.

@psawyer Yes when I export I have seen that task identifier but it isn’t unique. Once you change around tasks the Id changes with it. Seems it’s based on just order of tasks, which doesn’t help for record keeping of previously executed work. 

Hopefully this changes if there’s no option, would really help. It’s interesting because the desktop version of Project does provide unique identifiers I believe. 

you can use the outline number or the WBS number it is a unique number within each project
Hi! The issue with that is the WBS number changes if you insert a task or move it’s location (that’s what I’m seeing).

For example you created a task and then midway in your project you add another task, or you need to move it it will effect the WBS. Also, another example if you finish a task, and then six month later you create a new similiar task and want to assign to someone and leave a note to look at the previous task, the WBS number won’t be an accurate number to use.

This is my understanding of course please do correct me.
you are correct, cant think of a way that you can achieve that out of the box, what i have in mind assuming (you are using the accelerator) is to build a flow to generate an ID on the task sand provide team members with the ID via email notification. the issue with this approach this ID is not visible on the schedule.

@malshayeb If you are using the Accelerator you can create a custom solution, add a custom Project ID field that auto-generates a unique id and add it to the Project, Summary form.  However, for tasks this is not an option as Microsoft does not allow you to create global custom task fields. Hopefully Microsoft will add these to the tool in the future as it really limits practical use when you can only rely on Project Name or Task Name, which can change.  it would also be useful if they would require Project names to be unique and limit some of the allowed characters that can be used in a name, similar to MS Project Online.

take a look at the roadmap some features coming up might help, like the my assignment view for the team members

@malshayeb This isn't really an issue for our org.  Everyone likes Project for the Web, but it's missing so much functionality there is virtually zero interest in using this tool in a PMO setting.  Some of our smaller groups are trying to using it, but they are finding it just doesn't meet their needs due to the missing functionality. 

@RFromm completely agree.  So much useful functionality from Project has been stripped out it's actually useless from a project management perspective.  It doesn't even have the UID feature which allows cross-referencing to external platforms & documents etc (and which this whole thread was supposed to be about).

AR-Richard --

If Project for the Web does not meet your organization's needs, I would recommend you upgrade to the Microsoft Project desktop application, as that tool has the functionality you seek. Just a thought. Hope this helps.