Unable to See Resources in Resource Center

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I am setting up a new PWA.  I have been given full Admin rights.  I cannot see resources in the Resource Center.  I have successfully added our Active Directory as well as manually creating resources.  I have not found a PWA setting that might impact this visibility.  What am I overlooking?

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Hello @Matt_Mandry ,

So you can access the resource center but you can see any resources, just an empty grid? Are you using the Project Permission mode or SharePoint Permission mode? 


Matt --

A couple of ideas for you:

1. Is it possible that you have a filter applied on the Resource Center page? Click the Resources tab to expand the Resources ribbon. Click the Filter pick list and select the No Filter item. Can you now see resources?

2. If not, is there any chance that you created user accounts and not resources? If you navigate to the PWA Settings page, click the Manage Users link in the Security section of the page. Do you see a list of users on this page? If so, click the name of one of the users to open that user account for editing. At the top of the Edit User page, select the "User can be assigned as a resource" option and then click the OK button. Return to the Resource Center page and you should be able to see the user that you converted to a resource.

Let us know if any of this helps. Thanks!
Thank you Paul and Dale for your replies. I followed all three suggestions. I do not see a grid at all in the Resource Center. It simply says "To add resources, click here to synchronize with an existing group." I checked for a filter but the setting is No Filter. Finally, I checked for the list of users and it is there. I looked at a few and they have the check box for "Users can be assigned as a resource" and it is checked.
When I manually created resources I clicked the Resource tab, New (Resource) button. After successfully creating one I still do not see the Resource grid appear.
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Paul and Dale, I did some more searching and found a support article from 2018 that turned out to be unrelated but gave me an idea. I logged in using Edge instead of Chrome and can see the Resource table. Oddly, everything else works well in Chrome. Thank you again for taking the time to answer my question.
Matt --

Thanks for caring enough to troubleshoot and solve the problem, and then to let us know the cause of and solution to the problem! :)