Unable to Establish PWA Connection

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I have created and successfully shared our PWA with a colleague.  I am trying to share it with two more colleagues who have the same MS Project subscription as we do.  I have granted them access to the PWA but when they click the link in the invitation email they receive the error message

'Project was unable to establish a connection with ""'

We have tried changing browsers (Chrome and Edge), and tried deleting and resending their access.  I checked their permissions in the PWA and they are 'contributor' just like the first colleague.  

Does anyone have a suggestion to establish this connection?

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Matt_M --

I would recommend that you change your Project Online instance to Project Permissions Mode. Then add your users to the Project Managers security group if they only need to manage projects, or to the Administrators group if they need to administer the environment. Hope this helps.
Thank you very much Dale! I was in Project Permissions Mode. I had not added them (or the original colleague) to the PM group. They have successfully connected.
Matt_M --

Excellent. Thanks for letting me know of your success. Way to go, my friend! :)