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Hi I am new to a Project Server 2013 to Project Online migration. When we try to create a site for an existing project (a project that was saved & published from Project Server 2013 to Project Online pwa) we get unable to create SharePoint site error. However, if we create a new project in Project Online using the EPT/Project site template it works.

The migration is done manually & we have already explored using a 3rd party tool but the approval process to obtain 3rd party application licenses would be a 4 week process & the management doesnt have that kind of time.

Any insight into why we are not able to create a SharePoint site for the existing projects would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello @jenyalex ,

How are you doing the migration manually, just saving the Projects from Project Server 2013 as an MPP file then opening that MPP file while connected to Project Online then saving and publishing it to Project Online? Is the default EPT site creation set to "Automatically create a site on next publish" ? What is the error that is thrown? When creating a new blank project from Project Desktop, does that create a Project Site?


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@Paul Mather thank you for responding! We found out that the subsite creation settings in SharePoint tenant settings where set to "Subsite creation is disabled for all sites". It occurred to me to check that only later as creating a new project did create a site without any issues. We have to request the SharePoint admins to address that.

To answer your questions Paul, yes it is a manual migration and there are 3 EPTs, so its custom and they all are set to automatically create a site on next publish. If you don't mind Paul, can you help me understand why it was ok to create a new project with a project site inspite of the SP setting for subsites being disabled? Thank you for your time!

@jenyalex I'm not sure why PWA can bypass that setting but once the SharePoint admins have updated it, the issue should be resolved.


Thank you & appreciate it Paul!