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I am trying to figure out how to get MSP to measure my work correctly. Example: I have 10 days to install 10,000 feet of cable. On day one I install 2500 feet and put my progress in as 25%. The problem is my task bar and days show 2.5 days have been used which is incorrect. I want to see my actual percent complete based on the actual amount of time (days) I use. It can work the other way. I can take 3 days to lay 1000 ft. I don't want my task bar to say I've only used one day when I actually used 3 days. Please help. Shawman

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Sorry but that's not how the progress line on the Gantt bar works. Percent complete is a duration based parameter so if you enter 25% for a 10 day task, Project will show 2.5 days of progress. Agreed, not a very useful metric.


Here's what you can do. Show the Actual Duration field and the Physical % Complete fields, hide the Percent Complete field. Then you can enter the number of days and whatever percentage of work you feel is complete.


Hope this helps.


I will make that work and assign physical % complete to my task bars on gantt chart - Thanks for your help @John-project 

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.