Tool Improvements for better User experience

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  1. Lock the top row of days and dates,  so they will not scroll off the screen when vertically scrolling.




  1. Add some vertical demarcation for each week:

Darker borders before Mondays or after Fridays or colored Saturday/Sunday.





  1. When there are many rows at the same level, add thicker borders to every 3-5 rows to help users follow a straight line.




  1. The Tasks vies has a ‘Period Total’ per row. The Timesheet view displays a period total per day.  It would be nice to have these two totals on the same view so one could double-cross-check the accuracy of the numbers we are entering.  Add a tally field at the top (not bottom) of spreadsheet for each day’s hours.  Each day should total 8 hrs.


  1. Develop an option or a new view to have a continuous horizontal scroll, like Outlook Calendar’s Scheduling Assistant.

5a. Or possibly a view or feature that displays full 5- or 7-day weeks instead of having them cut off per “15-day period”. Bring back date selection instead of pay period dates.

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