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Hi Everyone,


I have a user whose time for both project tasks and administrative tasks autocorrects to 0 every time he try's to add time in the "actuals" column. I have been able to access his account as a delegate and enter time with no issues so the issue seems confined to him. Any ideas?

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Burke210 --

Have you personally watched this user enter progress? When you state, "actuals column", this is NOT where the user should enter actual progress. He should be entered actual progress in the timesheet grid on the right side of the Timesheet page. I would recommend that you watch him enter progress to make sure he is doing it right. And let us know the results. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


Yes sorry I meant the actuals rows. I have watched the user input time, timesheet was in the correct state, his license is correct, and every time he entered time it would auto change to )


I even tried having him recall a timesheet I submitted for him with full hours and asked him to modify the cell and again it zeroed it out after hitting enter

Burke210 --

Wow, I have never encountered such bizarre behavior! Does this user have access a different web browser? If so, ask him to access the Timesheet through that other browser to see if this problem is browser specific. Otherwise, you might want to open a ticket with Microsoft Support about this problem, as we have no way to troubleshoot the issue through this forum. Hope this helps.
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I was able to duplicate this behavior if I clicked enter after entering time in a cell as you mentioned the user did. The simple solution is don't click enter after entering time as it's not required.
Lol that works, thank you.. team had not experienced this before