Timeline Showing wrong Progress

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The picture below shows the progress of a project. Going from the bottom to the top, the light blue lines indicates the activities, the yellow lines indicates summary tasks, and the blue line indicates a summary task that contains everything else. The names are based on the WBS Code of each element.


All activities have been updated by their % complete. As we see, the "greyed" part of each line is extremely close to the "Today" line in all elements, but in the "1.5.2" bar, it suggests that there is a full month delay.


Any help on this?

Timeline View Bug.jpg

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David --

Do me a favor, would you? In the Gantt Chart view, please collapse the summary tasks shown in the Timeline view. Then, to the right of the Task Name column, insert the % Compete column. Then capture a screenshot that shows the summary tasks used to generate the Timeline view you have shared with us. It is important that we see the summary task for the dark blue bar and the yellow bars in the screenshot I am requesting. That would help us to troubleshoot your problem. Thanks!

Hi @Dale Howard and thank you for your reply. Here is your request, color coded to match the Timeline View

Summary Tasks with % Completed.jpg

David --

Thank you so very much for sharing a color-coded screenshot. The screenshot reveals exactly what I expected to see. The value in the % Complete field for 1.5.2 is the aggregate of the % Complete values for each of its subtasks; the aggregate for 1.5.2 is only 56%, which is why the progress shows up the way it does in your Timelime view. So, there is no bug in the the software. The information in the Timeline view is correct. Hope this helps.