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Someone has mistakenly created a bulk set of timesheet reporting periods for the year ahead, with the incorrect start and end days.  Unfortunately I cannot delete each period and recreate, as the Delete option is not available for all weeks.  I have acted as a delegate for the resources I can see have booked time, and removed hours saved or submitted in the weeks i cannot delete, but I cannot see all time booked by all resources.   I believe also even if someone has 'created' a timesheet in a week, it prevents me from deleting it as a reporting period.

With over 300 users across multiple sites and countries, I am unable to reach out in a timely manner to get everyone to check and delete that week.  It's impossible (as I'm aware) to know which resource(s) have open, saved or submitted timesheets preventing me from deleting the reporting periods.


Is there any way I can either push out the dates of the existing reporting periods so they align correctly with the start and end days I need, or delete all weeks for the year ahead?


Many thanks.

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