Tasks not showing on PWA Project SharePoint Site?

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Hi again, 

I have a project that's published to the PWA and have connected a SharePoint site to the project. However on the SharePoint site when I click on tasks it shows nothing, only a message saying, "This project can only be edited through Project Web App".


Changed to Gantt Chart view to see if it would make a difference - 




However if I click "Open with Project", it opens my Project Professional 3 desktop application populated with the correct tasks. 


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Hello @BlissL ,

If you want to see the Tasks synchronised to the Project site from PWA, you need to see the option on the Enterprise Project Type:

  1. PWA Settings
  2. Enterprise Project Types - EPT
  3. Select the EPT
  4. Scroll down to the Synchronization section
  5. Check the option for "Sync SharePoint Tasks Lists"
  6. Save
  7. Repeat for other EPTs as needed

Next time you publish the project/s the tasks for that project that was published will sync to the Project Site.