Tasks by Project: a new Teams' app?

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we use Microsoft Project and last week we started to use the Teams app Project, but we can't view and manage tasks and projects in the app Task by planner.

How to view and manage (in the same way of Planner) the tasks that we create and manage in Microsoft Projects? is it available an app in teams? Microsoft are thinking to implement a new app in Teams (Task by projects?) or to implement Task by planner?

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@DanicaVM thanks; but not solve my question.

We need a teams app in which manage task created in Microsoft Project

mmerante -- Are you using the Microsoft Project desktop application or are you using the new Project for the Web application (which Microsoft staff refer to as "Project")? If you are using the Microsoft Project desktop application, there is no app in Teams for that tool. But if you are using the new Project for the Web, there is an app named Project that you can add to the relevant team. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howardwe use Project for the web, and it hasn't (also the Teams' app Project) a task manager as Task by planner in which we can manage the tasks assigned in the different project (created in Project for the web)

mmerante -- If you want team members to be able to edit their tasks in the Teams app for Project, each of them will need a Project Plan 1 license. Without that license, they cannot edit a project task in the Project for the Web project. Hope this helps.