Tasks auto-scheduling months/years in advance of necessary - how to prevent?

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I am currently building a project that includes permits and licences with fixed deadliens. I need to schedule the renewel work for these near the time the finish (Summer 2025) but they auto-schedule to start when the project starts (10Jul23).




How do I get these tasks to automatically schedule nearer the time without over-restraining them?


All tasks are set as start ASAP (except the  certificate periods which are fully restrained as they cannot change). I've tried changing the predessesors and scheduling type, but no luck!


Any help would be greatfully received!

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I'm not sure what a "deadlien" is but maybe a livelien would work better :)

When you say you need to schedule renewal work near the time of finish are you referring to task ID 6 in relation to task ID 5 for example? It's not real clear exactly what you need/want. Remember, we can't read your mind and we're not looking over your shoulder.

Any auto-scheduled task that is not constrained will by default start on the Project start date. Generally constraints are not desirable so they should be a last resort for controlling task start/finish dates. The best approach is to create a logically linked plan with appropriate dependencies (FS, SS, FF, or SF with lead or lag if necessary). Project's Deadline field can provide a "stake in the ground" indicator while still allowing the plan to be dynamic.

A screen shot including column headers and the Constraint Type and Constraint Date would help.