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If I input the sub-task duration in hours;min & also in obtions the in duration has been set to hours.  But client wants summary tasks to be in days. So if I change the obtions back to days after completion. Will it affect any of by data on the sub task. And shows sub-tasks in the hrs and  summary total in days?

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Sorry, I didn't read your post correctly. Yes, if the duration units setting in Project options is set for hours before you enter any task data, all the durations will be in hours. You can then reset the units in Project options to days and it will only impact summary lines. However, if you then add new tasks, those tasks will show duration in days. I guess you could switch back and forth to get what you want, but here is another option you might want to consider. Create a separate custom field to show summary lines in days as shown below:




Thank you veey much, going to try this
Can I also ask. Im working on a Pplan with 2 x Calenders. My planning ect a standard.( Also the setting for Project) and then a 24 hr for the week shutdown. This also the reason for my prev. Q? The summary tasks for work 24hrs, does not add to ie. 82hr should be 3.41 d its shows 10.72 d .
Why is projects using the std 8 hour days and not the 24 calender as specified spesifically for those tasks?. Any recommendations ?. There are no resources only tasks.


Project only allows one setting for defining a "day". By default, that is 8 hours which dovetails with the Standard calendar. If your plan has multiple calendars, some of which have a different number of hours in a "day", then there will be a disconnect when the Duration field is set to show days. Best practice for that scenario is to specify all durations in hours, then it doesn't matter what calendar is applicable.


However in your case, if you need to show summary lines in days while performance tasks are all in hours, and you have different calendars applied, then the custom field formula approach can still work but it will need to be modified to account for the hours in a "day" as defined for the applicable calendar. The custom field formula I gave you assumes a Standard calendar throughout with a normal 8 hour (480 minute) workday. If the summary line represents tasks that have a 24 hour calendar, then the divisor in the formula needs to be 1440, the number of minutes in a 24 hour "day". However, if the summary line is for a mixture of tasks with different work days, then a custom field formula won't produce a valid "day" value.


If your plan has a mixture of summary lines, some with all performance tasks on the Standard calendar and some with all performance tasks on a 24 hour calendar, then the custom field formula needs to be further modified to apply the appropriate divisor to the correct summary line.


It can get complicated in a hurry :)


If you want me to help further I'll need at least a screen shot of your plan showing a couple of summary line groups of tasks.


Please. Will appreciate it.
I have worked with two calendars, but this plan is driving me up the wall.
I only work with 3 calendars.
1. Hi-teck (STD) Mon-Fri - 08:00-17:00 (8hr / 40hr,week) * All planning and procurement. (Summaries 1-4)
2. Mondi-24hr (mon-sun) 00:00- 00:00 (summary 5 - 6.3)
3. Mondi
It will be easier to help you if you send me your file along with a thorough explanation of exactly what you need. You can contact me at the address below. I will ask some questions.
(remove obvious redundancies)